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Looking for the Server Updates or Forums?

Here at Cadet Gaming, we have put all of our focus and time into our Discord Community. Our Minecraft Server and newly added Rust Server will be posting all news, community events, and weekly give-aways on our Discord Server. We have a custom made bot that allows users to create support tickets, make temporary talk channels, provide suggestions/feedback, and much more. The power of our Discord server and community continues to grow everyday.

Click the link below to to join the community today and stay up-do-date on everything.

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  • Official Cadet Gaming Rules

  • All players are required to follow the rules.

Minecraft/Rust Rules & Regulations

If you try and bypass any of the rules below your faction or clan may be disbanded. If you do not like our rules then we suggest playing on another server. Please note that the following punishments are just indicative, depending on the case staff can choose to apply different punishments. Rules are subject to change over time if you don't want to get banned we highly recommend checking the rules once a week to check for updates.

Open the document below to read the entire list of rules and regulations for either our Minecraft Server, Rust Server, or Discord Server.

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  • Official Cadet Gaming Applications

  • We are always looking for new applicants. These will never be closed off to the public <3

Helper/YouTuber Applications

If you are either looking to become a helper or grab a youtube rank, you are in the right place. Please take your time while filling out the form and submit when you feel ready. We review applications every day (12PM - 5PM PST) so please be patient. Anyone who reaches out to staff and asks them to review their application will be denied immediately.

Open the link below to start filing out our user-friendly online application.

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  • Official Cadet Gaming Staff Guide

  • Calling all staff! Get on board with how our servers operate.

Staff Guide for Noobs

As the volunteer staff that helps players get the most out of Cadet Gaming, you are the most important part of keeping the server running efficiently with maximum fun. As a staff member you are representing Cadet Gaming and with that in mind we the staff team to its own set of standards to ensure fairness and enjoyment for our players. Players are the reason we do what we do here on Cadet Gaming, and we should treat them accordingly. Just as the rules stipulate that players respect the staff team, the staff team must respect them in kind.

To continue reading, please click the link below.

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