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Cadet Gaming


Thanks again
Thank you all for another amazing month! We want to once again congratulate all of our winners for both Skyblock and Factions. Let's continue our journey through space and grow our community.
Up Next
We are revamping our entire staff team. Please apply by clicking here!
Factions Map X just released, take a look at the change log here.
Skyblock Map 2 also release, click me!
We had an amazing launch for our Rust server; however, we do not currently have an active owner. Once we find someone who will be taking care of the Rust server it will be in full swing! We will keep you updated!
The Cadet Gaming Staff team once again would like to...​

It was only a matter of time before taking off. BlazeMC is now known as Cadet Gaming. Not to worry! All the staff, ranks, rocket fuel and community are still here. We wanted to change our name because we have decided to expand our gaming network and get ready for the future. Games like Hytale and Rust are just some of the suggestions you guys, the community, have requested that we create servers for, so we decided it was time.

As most of you know, map 8 for factions has just ended and we are happy to announce the map 9 launch. We have also launched our very first Rust server which is currently in the first week of beta!

Please register your account soon to avoid getting your name taken. (There are lots of OG names available!)

This is just phase 1. Lots more to come from the Cadet Gaming Staff Team.
Thank you for your patience & sticking around.