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New member
In my opinion, the server is failing. mostly because of many minor reasons, but those tiny reasons add up. Which honestly, is a shame. However, mostly it is OUR fault. we are what keeps the server alive, the owners dictate, staff maintains the chaos, but we, the community. We keep the server alive. This recent fishing mishap it was a MAJOR overlook by the owner, as well as the staff. we, the community, are to blame though.
a gun does not shoot people, people with a gun shoot people. a lot of players did not abuse fishing, but a lot of us did. we had the ability to prevent it by just NOT doing it, yet a lot of us did do it. we, the community, the player base, are to blame for this. a lot of us didn't care what the consequences abusing the fishing drops would be. and well.. here we are now. and it's for the best that ranks get reset, server gets reset. Next time don't abuse a clearly broken mechanic. we have the ability to refrain from doing so.

in a nut shell. we should know what is right, and what is clearly wrong. and when we over use a broken mechanic we cant blame staff for wanting to fix it. you should know better. and we did know better, yet did it anyways.