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How I would change factions.


New member
there are many issue with factions from Pvp being stale, faction bases being dull over all, and the faction points being too boring and a bit p2w.
lets start the beginning. we're a new faction and we need to build a base. with the way points are maintained i need to sacrifice the uniqueness of my factions base, and are forced to build a base out of obsidian and water. it is an eye sore as well as being a pain to build, and it isn't very fun to destroy either. I feel no sentimental value to this base.

POINTS! now due to how points are. i set stuff down in my base, and wait. wait. wait unit the 30 days are over. this point system is NOT engaging, it is NOT fun, and it can be PAY TO WIN. a lot of us afk 90% of the time cause after we place stuff there is no reason to pvp.
ah well.. at least I can have fun finding somebody else's base. but since i can use /fly, I usually find all bases on the map within an hour. cutting off ALOT and I mean ALOT of game time. well since i found every base. i guess ill do random pvp..?
well pvp isn't much better. in pvp everyone is soo godly strong that nobody takes any damage form anyone, basically the 1st person's armor to break dies. and the most effective way to break armor is just to spam the left click rapidly.
to sum it up, none of this is fun, nobody gets a sense of uniqueness or originality, and its not engaging. u can literally win factions w/o pvping anyone. you can afk once u set everything down.

how can we make factions engaging? we change the point system. NOW poitns are based on how much land a faction owns. the more land ya own ,the higher ur score is. now players will eb forced to stick around to protect land! people will make buildings and forts the way they see fit. people will build castles, walls, etc. total creative freedom. and they are constantly being engauged since with soo much land to maintain, they also need to protect. afking is discouraged, more active player base. more creative freedom to making bases AND more players engaging with eachother! so get rid of those base building kits and raise the price of tnt so peopel cant blow stuff up so easily!
also.. get rid of /fly. /fly is SOO op for factions. it kills the fun of exploring ,searching for somebody's base. players need that sense of adventure. also without /fly, traveling will be much harder. PERHAPS also make only 4 teleport locations on the map, get rid of /wild. force people to explore, search. not plow a field with/ fly. and /wild spam to hopefully find a base.

i think pvp is WAY to hard to fix atm, pvp needs a complete revamp. BUT i think factiosn is very salvageable!