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Official Rust Rules & Regulations


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Official Rust Rules & Regulations (6/5/19)

If you try and bypass any of the rules below your base may be destroyed. If you do not like our rules then we suggest playing on another server. Please note that the following punishments are just indicative, depending on the case staff can choose to apply different punishments. Rules are subject to change over time if you don't want to get banned we highly recommend checking the rules once a week to check for updates.

Using Hacks / Scripts / Macros / Blacklisted Mods:
Using any kind of Hacks that we don't allow on our community will be a strict punishment, We don't allow any unfair advantages!
1st Offence: Temporarily 7 Days ban
2nd Offence: 20 Days Ban
3rd Offence: Permanent Ban

Using Glitches / Exploits: Using any glitches to give yourself an advantage will not be allowed!
1st Offence: Glitch removed and a base warn
2nd Offence: Glitch Removed + 2nd base warn + players who did glitch get a 7-day ban
3rd Offence: Glitch removed and a base disband and a permanent ban for players doing glitch (doesn't matter if first time doing glitch)

1st Offence: 3 Day Ban
2nd Offence: 7 days ban
3rd Offence: 30 Days ban

Account Limit: You are allowed 2 accounts maximum on the server. This includes a main and one additional account.
1st Offence: Warning
2nd Offence: Ban on additional accounts.


Racism, Discrimination, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks:
Using any Racism words or anything like [Kys, commit suiciding, etc.] anything like that isn't allowed in the server.
1st Offence: Temp 6 hours mute
2nd Offence: 24 hours mute + 4 hours ban
3rd Offence: 2-day Mute 1-day temp ban
4th Offence: 20 Day Ban 5th Offence: Permanent Ban

Starting spam or spamming: Starting spam or causing spam in the server example: [please give me kits!] is not allowed on the Server at all! and it's strictly forbidden.
1st Offence: Warning
2nd Offence: 1 hour Temp mute
3rd Offence: 24 hours mute
4th Offence: 7 days mute 5th Offence: 20-day ban

Bypassing Chat mute: Bypassing Chat mute while being muted will not be even allowed in the server and if u had
1st Offence warning.
2nd Offence punishments and so on.