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Such a joke


New member
I've been banned from server discord bcause of telling that you did nothing when the players reported you that fishing is broken and when i'm telling you this via discord and telling you to fix factions without using any offensive words and i'm here getting banned? If you want your server to grow up instead of acting like a 7 year-old kid you should maybe start dealing with the problems that you're having with your server. I'm here reporting you something and you're just saying "we can reset it if that is what you want" if you reset it, players who got their shit already done will be pissed and they are right but if you don't the eco of factions will be rigged, and instead of trying to find a solution you're just being an unprofessional, probs you'll just delete this thread as well, i actually wasted my time again by writing this but just letting you know, you can't make a progress by acting like that, deal with your problems instead of ignoring it. @EZ_Graphics